Decom Org Meeting

Sep 17 2014

Hello there. If you would like to be an integral part of the 2014 Irish decompression, I have great news; you can! We're having an open meeting to start at 20:00 in the Bernard Shaw next Tuesday the 23rd September. Call in for a beer and piece of pizza and see if you can catch an open role. We need people to handle the gate/greeters, volunteers, tear down, effigy, ticketing, accounts, decoration, insurance, coordinating lifting of the heavy item etc. If you have any particular experience or skill which you think might be valuable please speak up.

2014 Decompression

Sep 8 2014

So it begins anew. We are currently putting together a craic team to help organise this year's decompression. If you would like to be involved stay tuned. If you would like to contribute music or art relevant links will soon appear above. Think about what you want to do rather than being confined to what you can do. This is a community, you don't have to do everything yourself.

Zombie )'(

Performance Submission

If you would like to perform at this year's Irish Decom event please fill in the form below. Please apply early as timeslots and space are limited. You'll have to be logged into the site in order to do so. We will have one main stage in the ballroom of the castle. There will be several band slots available as well as times allotted for alternative performances. Let us know in as much detail as possible what you have in mind and we'll see how we can help. I will update with available equipment as the information is finalised.


Art Collaboration

Please post here if you are available to help with an art project or need others to participate in your idea.

Costume Camp

Oct 15 2013

Bring us your washed and unruly items ! We here at decom central recognise and appreciate everything we do and so should us ! Also the costume camp is verily in need of some immediate resuscitation. We want all of your costume ! We need the very clothes off your back. In the run up to all Hallows Eve pick up some extra things, maybe a floppy hat or wastecoat, waiste-coat damn WAISTcoat, yes, that! So please, if you can, bring along some extra costumy items or let us know in advance and we'll arrange for them to be brought.

Art Submission

Please let us know if you are planning on bringing any additional art to the castle. You'd be very welcome to do so you know. BYOB, BYOA.

Charleville Castle provides a most spectacular setting for the Irish Burning Man Decompression. This year, YOU are invited to be a part of the process of creating and participating in the regional event. We would love all Burners and Burning Man enthusiasts to get involved in creating something that will engage, stimulate and encourage participation.


This website is the regional Irish website for the Burning Man festival, or 'Home' as most call it. It's hosted every year in Blackrock City, Nevada. Thinking of coming for the first time? Read this First-Timers Guide from the official site.

Burning Man’s Ten Principles

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