Sail Away

Aug 26 2015

A couple of Irish Burners have made a fantastic video of their camp's art car from 2014. V = Gavin Gallagher, A = Graham Bolger. Gavin has captured the intense significance of undertaking such a project.

The Monaco…. Land Frigate of Burning Man from Dreamcatcher Productions on Vimeo.


Nov 3 2014

The festival is from seven in the evening until seven in the morning. There will be shenanigans occurring all night and as such sleeping is optional. We will have a quiet room from about 2am with scattered couches/mattresses. There will be no camping onsite but you might appreciate having a blanket later on as I'm not sure what we'll have in the way of duvets if any. We'll keep the fires lit so a good jacket might be easier to keep with you for the night. There are also local B&B's/hotels. We advise a decent break and some sleep if you intend driving the following morning.

Final batch of tickets

Nov 1 2014

The final batch of tickets are now available. There will be none at the gate. When they sell out there will not be a further release. Having said that, a limited number of tickets trickle back into the system due to cancellations. Please don't continually email me asking if the event has sold out. Check the site. Top left button there, the one that I have conveniently labeled Tickets

Second wave of tickets

Oct 29 2014

Hey there, we should be releasing the second batch of tickets on the 1st of November. Best of luck. )'(

First batch SOLD OUT

Oct 17 2014

The regular priced tickets have sold out. There are still €35 (inclusive of a €5 donation to the Derry/Londonderry Temple Project) for sale. Still, not to worry, we will be releasing a second batch of the regular tickets shortly. Please watch this space and indeed the Irish burner facebook page for updates.

El wire workshop

Oct 17 2014

If you would like to learn how to repair/solder/extend or otherwise work with el-wire there will be a workshop tomorrow 17th October in to teach you how to do just that. It costs €20 for which you will receive 2 metres and a controller. Oh and also three hours of guidance :) It's happening in Chancery Lane in Dublin city from 14:00 to 17:00 with a slight chance of pints thereafter. Not there after per say but in a reasonably close craft beer bar all going well. Here's more details.

Irish Burner Club

Oct 16 2014

I'd like to thank everyone who made it to the AGM last night. We have ratified a committee and are now an official club.

The roles and voted principles are:

Chairman: Paul Daly
Vice Chairman:Stephen Reilly
Treasurer: Tim Dowling
Secretary: Alice Horan
Marketing: Deanna Bishop
Public Relations: Michael O'Connor
Safety Officer: Darren Fitzpatrick

To join the club all you have to do is attend the Irish Decom in November.

AGM tonight

Oct 15 2014

Unfortunately some of you haven't heard mostly because facebook news hasn't been showing up in your feeds. The first, annual AGM of the Irish Burners Club will take place tomorrow 15th of Oct in Against The Grain on Aungier St.
More info here.

Ticket Sales

Oct 9 2014

Tickets will be on sale Friday 10th October at 14:00 Irish time. There'll be a wee link up there on the left called Tickets. It will take you to where you need to go. The tickets will cost €30 for a maximum of two per order. Please take a look through that post there about the club we're setting up. By attending the event you will be automatically joined at the hip with said organisation. This is for awesome reasons and rest assured we're not going to spam the shit out of you for years thereafter.

Also, don't bring glass to the castle. Cans, flaggons, flasks, sacks, bag o'wines only. Don't be a glasshole.

Irish Burner Community as a club, wanna take part?

15/10/2014 20:00

Quite a lot happened at the last meeting. For one we’ve decided to form a club. Hooray! Due to the transient nature of many burners, there is currently no official group that represents the Irish Burner community. We need a more consolidated organisation. To this end a club has been formed under the name Irish Burner Community. The site will remain the primary point of information about the newly formed club. We will have our first AGM on Wednesday 15th October in Against the Grain at 20:00 to ratify the first acting committee of the IBC.