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Your Big Irish Decompression Update
(long, but please read if you are attending!)

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The day is nearly upon us!

WHAT: Official Irish Burning Man Decompression 2013

WHERE: Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly
(see GETTING THERE at the end of this message)

WHEN: Saturday, November 16, 7pm - 7am Sunday morning - all night!
(gate closes at midnight, strictly no admittance after that time)

Last chance tickets

So we've scrounged together the last of the tickets. There are forty eight in all. When they are gone we're at absolute capacity. Please don't turn up at the gate looking for a ticket, there will be none. Let me also stress; don't mail me, we are at absolute capacity. The castle is full, our insurance will cover no more people. This is a hard limit. We are at absolute capacity.

Right then, having said all of that. There are 48 shiney tickets available for your purchase. Quickly now, max of two per burner.

Submissions are Closed for 2013

Art and performance submissions are now closed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has submitted an idea for a project. We really enjoyed reading through each of them. You are what makes this possible every year. Those of you who have yet to hear back from us will do so within the coming few days.

2013 Tickets are live

In case you didn't notice, please refresh your browser. There's a discrete little link up there on the left of Tullamore. Silently screaming ascent. I exercise only that authority which you have afforded me and no more. Click on it there and make a small purchase. Read the lovely words and join in the fray.

Good luck to you.

Tickets Delay

So there'll be a delay in the launch of the tickets. We're currently awaiting vendor approval for the online sales. Hopefully this won't drag out too much longer and tickets should be available today. We'll be announcing when they are here and in the various facebook groups ( join to get notifications ;) )

In the meantime please remain calm, good times are coming. So, yeah, we're on burner time already, welcome home. )'(

Decom Tickets 2013

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 24th October from the will cost €30. You will be able to buy them from this site.

When you are buying your ticket you can also register your interest in volunteering. There are still lots of opportunities available so don't be shy, it might sound scary but its lots of fun and you will almost definitely be declared a legend!!

Decom 2013

This is a very quick update just to let you all know that preparation is well underway for Decom 2013. Tickets will be announced here first. If you would like to perform or create art or otherwise volunteer to help out please fill in the appropriate submission from the menu above. We'll update you again very soon. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on the facebook page also. )'(


Financial Summary 2013

Financial Summary

Art Collaboration

Please post here if you are available to help with an art project or need others to participate in your idea.

Costume Camp

Bring us your washed and unruly items ! We here at decom central recognise and appreciate everything we do and so should us ! Also the costume camp is verily in need of some immediate resuscitation. We want all of your costume ! We need the very clothes off your back. In the run up to all Hallows Eve pick up some extra things, maybe a floppy hat or wastecoat, waiste-coat damn WAISTcoat, yes, that! So please, if you can, bring along some extra costumy items or let us know in advance and we'll arrange for them to be brought.